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About Us

Total Shape is a community committed to helping individuals achieve healthier lifestyles in a simple and attainable way. Our goal is to provide tailored information to assist you on your health and fitness journey. With a team of experts including registered dietitians, doctors, trainers, and athletes, we offer a comprehensive library of articles updated continuously since 2003.

Our resources cover a range of topics such as healthy supplements, exercise routines, fitness equipment reviews, diet suggestions, weight loss tips, and advanced health calculators. We aim to assist 10 million people globally in optimizing their health, using evidence-based information to guide them on their wellness journey.

Founded in Indianapolis by two fitness trainers, Total Shape has evolved into a global movement reaching millions worldwide. Our team is dedicated to supporting and educating individuals in achieving their fitness goals through proper nutrition, supplements, and exercise routines. We commit to delivering honest and evidence-based content and rely on reader support through affiliate links to maintain our independence. Connect with us on social media or through our website for personalized fitness solutions and informative content.